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Please use the link below to a friend who is making water blottle stands
the closest ones to the ones we made. Thank You!
Water Bottle Stands

Don't let cheap copies fool you

Image:Dog or cat water bottle stand, shown in black, side view, with 32oz dog or cat water bottle. Image:Dog or cat water bottle holder, shown in black, front view, with 32oz dog or cat water bottle.
Mr Foos Water Bottle Stands are useful for several breeds of dogs, Shih-tzu, Yorkie, Maltese & Lhasas, Havanese, Schnauzer, and are great for cats also. Our water bottle stands will hold any 32oz round pet water bottles with large or small drinking nozzles including Lixit and Farnam water bottles.
Mr Foos Water Bottle Stands are the original in this design which we developed and have proudly offered for sale for over 12 years. Careful comparison of our design reveals that the design of our water bottle stands are superior to all and any copies.

* The opening slit that is cut into our water bottle stands is narrow and fits the water bottle nozzle exactly which keeps the water bottle stable inside the water bottle stand and not wobbling back and forth during use. This feature also holds the bottle at a proper angle to reduce and eliminate dripping. Compare this to cheap copies with wide slits which allow the bottle to move from side to side.

* Our water bottle stands are made using a longer length heavy weight of commercial grade PVC. The water bottle inserted into the water bottle stands extends from top of the stand less than 3 inches to make a more secure free standing water bottle stand.

* The base on our water bottle stands are also special commercial grade and are extremely heavyweight which gives our water bottle stands unsurpassed steadiness and superior quality.

* NO plastic pieces to break, no legs to come off, our water bottle stands will never rust or warp like wood & will always We offer black or white water bottle stands.

* Water Bottle Stand Nozzle is approx 9-10 inches from floor.

* Our Water Bottle Stands sell for $70.00 plus shipping.

* Our Lixit Water Bottles sell for $18.00 and have large nozzles. Perfect for most small breed dogs.

* Our Water Bottle Stand WILL also accommodate the GLASS LIXIT DOG WATER BOTTLE!!

Image:Shih tzu, Dream drinking out of pet water bottle stand pekeatazrescue. Image: Shih tzu, Mr. Foo's Autumn Fire, drinking out of dog or cat waterbottlestands.
Using a water bottle stand has many advantages. All of our shih tzu adults & shih tzu puppies are trained to use a water bottle stand. This keeps their faces clean and dry, prevents bacterial growth, and eye & face staining. People with show cats love them too. Helps keep faces of Persian and himalayan cats nice and clean too. Water dispensed from a water bottle stand stays clean with no food particle contamination. Water bottle stands are portable and allows you to place it anywhere in your house or outside where you need water for your shih tzu or small breed dog.

Nozzle height is approx. 9-10 inches from floor.

Image:Shih tzu, Ch Tao Regency's American Idol, using dog water bottle holder.

Price is $70.00.
Thank You!!

If you are interested in purchasing a water bottle stand for your pet, please use the links below.
Thank You

Thank You


Please use the link below to a friend who is making water blottle stands
the closest ones to the ones we made. Thank You!
Water Bottle Stands

They are making the closest ones to ours. Please contact her.

Image:Water bottle stand, shown in white, side view, with 32oz water bottle. Image:Water bottle holder, shown in white, front view, with 32oz water bottle.
shown w/Lg nozzle bottle


7 week old puppies using Water Bottle Stand
Puppy Video

Hi Lisa! I just wanted to send you a little note to say that I just received the water bottle stand tonight! It is so much more than I ever expected! It is beautifully made and so sturdy. My husband said that it looks like a "piece of art". The kiddies, Syd and Izzie absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much for sending it so promptly! Anyway, we are renovating our kitchen and will need another in black. I will be in touch, after Christmas to place my order with you! Thanks again Lisa .... very very very much!
Happy Holidays! Kristin
Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Your water bottle stand is perfect!! I have spent a couple hundred dollars on other water bottle holders in the past, including a wooden water bottle holder that got knocked over and a piece broke off and the coating on the wood was peeling off, and another plastic water bottle holder that looked just like yours but was much lighter in weight and if my havanese would drink on it to hard she could tip it over cause it would rock. So thanks again for talking to me( a few times) LOL!! Just ordered 2 more!!!
Have a great Holiday!! Rhonda, Alex & Tia(dogs of course :))
Hi, I received my water bottle stand today and I love it! My dogs took to it right away. I have been wanting to switch to a water bottle for their drinking for a while, but was leery because most of the time water bottles end up leaking.. which would defeat the purpose if the floor was wet then their paws would get wet .. and the problem would move from their face to their feet. The slight tilt in your stand design prevents it from leaking but still makes it easy for them to drink. It's the perfect height for my Shih Tzus and it's also very sturdy and I don't think I will have to worry about them knocking it over. Thanks for a great product and fast shipping!!! Thanks Again!!, Shelly
Lisa, My wife and I recently ordered and received one of your water bottle stands for our 2 Maltese. We absolutely love it! Our youngest is 9 months old and consistently submerges her entire snout into the water bowl when drinking. Her face is now finally dry! It has also helped with her staining as well. Both took to it within a few minutes. Of course, the peanut butter helped. Thank you for the excellent customer service.
Doc Nich and Linda (and Aso & Yuki)
Hello Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that we received our water bottle stand today. Thank you! My husband and I are impressed with the construction and we are hopeful our little Sway will pick up on the method quickly. He uses a water bottle in his crate, but has not taken to the stand just yet. We tried to introduce him to the water bottle alone and then placed it in the stand--placing the stand in the exact location of his former water bowl. I am sure he will take right too it!!! Also, thank you for the information regarding your upcoming litters. I will keep an eye on your web page and please feel free to send me a message when the new puppies arrive!
Best Regards, Katie
Hi Lisa we got our water holder today and at first I was worried that my two Yorkies would not drink from it but I let them sniff it all up first then we put our Lixit in and first used cream cheese and that went ok but then I got smart and used a Small amount of PB and stuffed some up the spout and wham it didn't take long for them to catch on after that. More worried about my 3# little Yorkie but she got right up to it and followed her bigger brother. Overall it took a few hours for them to catch on. Thank you I love it and black matches my kitchen appliances and love that it doesn't take much room. Too bad my cats won't drink from it,
Cyndi, Izzy and Cosmo
Lisa, I got the water bottle stand with bottle last week and I think that was the best $$$$ I ever spent! I have 2 Shih Tzu's and espresso colored hard wood floors and the days of sloppy water marks all over my floors are over! They both took to it with no problem (a little peanut butter on the tip helped!) and I can't say enough great things about it. Also, I was so pleased to receive it within about a weeks time, instead of the 3 - 4 weeks you say it takes. Thank you for a great product and solution to an annoying problem.
D'Arcy Boyer
"Lisa, LOVE the water bottle holder! I am finding that my 32 oz bottle is dripping far less because the bottle is sitting at the correct angle. Also, it is wonderful to be able to freely move the bottle holder from room to room. My shih tzu likes to be in the room I am in, and needs to drink alot of water due to diet and history of bladder stones. I am finding that by picking up the bottle holder and carrying it back to the room I am in, my shih tzu is drinking more water as it is readily available. The best part, is that I don't have to try to figure out where to clip the bottle, it is free standing and extremely non-tipable even on carpet!!! Good luck with this product, it is truly the best water bottle holder I have ever owned or used, and the design and quality of materials used in making it are unsurpassed.
We got the water bottle stand and Champ loves it!! Thank you so much:)
Water bottle stand came yesterday. Beautiful. Well worth the money. Beautiful product.
R. Denis Richter
Lisa, thank you for the new water bottle & stand, it works great!! i would love to have puppies around all the time like you do!! it must absolutely wonderful!! if you ever have a spare minute, i would love to see a recent picture of Dylan. thanks again!!!!
krista gaschler
Hi Lisa, The water bottle and stand came today and I love it, I'm sure they will too.
Lynn Lively
Hi Lisa !! Received Tica's new water bottle and stand and I don't know which one of us like it the best and is the happiest. It's the first night's sleep I've had in a while without being woke up half a dozen times with wet kisses. I still got the kisses but without the cold, wet, shocking, bath.
Thanks Sue
Hello Lisa, Just wanted to let you know my sweet new baby Shih Tzu Bella Jean (12 weeks old) LOVES her new water bottle stand.

AND, to my surprise it is totally solid and just as great as you assured me. It is truly the best water bottle stand ever! Via this email, I am buying another one as a holiday gift for Bella�s breeder. Please forward this order to the address below as soon as possible with a note saying it came from me. Thanks again for your phone calls back to me and for assuring me this water bottle stand is the BEST!!
MaryAnn Dodd

Thank you Lisa. Received the stand Saturday and it was an instant success. A dob of cream cheese on the nozzle and they were licking away. I love it. It is very attractive and my floors stay so much cleaner. Worth every penny.
Evye and Bentley's Mom....Havanese Mom

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